Artist: Prakash Karmakar

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The Janus Art Gallery is one of the leading gallery of art in Kolkata, as well as in India. Its committee of senior artists helps immensely in getting authentication of works of old masters and their provenances. It holds significant collections of Old master and Contemporary Paintings, Sculptures, Prints, Illustrations, Drawings and presents nearly 4 exhibitions annually.

The Janus Art Gallery is the best place to buy any kind of artwork online. From the gallery section of this website one can choose a huge variety of art work like Fine Art, Abstract Art, Landscape Art, Fantasy Art, Wall Art etc.

The Janus Art Gallery assists in restoration of important works of art and is therefore always in search of restorers and framers. Its library of recent and past contemporary artists of Bengal is always available to anyone for reference on prior appointment.

The Janus Art Gallery is a complete art centre based also on the premise that it takes pride in encouraging budding talented artists of this generation to quicker recognition of their works through effective management.

This site provides information about Exhibition schedule, Forthcoming exhibitions, Collector’s corner, and includes pictures of the gallery. For detailed enquiry one can contact us directly.

Current Exhibition

Online Exhibition of painting by  

Bijon Chowdhury

The Show will continue till

​14 september

Forthcoming Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Bengal Panorama :

The legacy and The Continuity at Nehru Centre, Worli , Mumbai

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