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B.F.A. Painting From Kala Bhavana, Viswa Bharati University, Santiniketan, First Class – 2003
Group Exhibition:
  • Group exhibition in 2004 in Birla Academy of art and culture in kolkata.
  • Group exhibition in 2005 in Academy of fine arts in kolkata.
  • Group exhibition young contempories 2007 in Aakriti Art gallery, kolkata (curated by Jogen Chowdhury)
  • Group exhibition in 2007 Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi. (curated by Krishna art gallery)
  • Group exhibition in November with Kanvas Art Gallery in kolkata ,2006.
  • Participate in the group show to be held in London from the 30th of March to 9th April 2009.
  • Group exhibition in 2009 in Shridharani Gallery, Delhi.(Suruchi art Gallery)
  • Group exhibition in Maloasia,2009.
  • Group exhibition in London by IMA Foundation in 2010.
  • Group exhibition in Delhi by Montage Art Gallery.
  • The event: A 5 day fusion of art on "Corals & Mangroves" and environment at Jamnagar in 2013.
  • Academy Awards from Academy of Fine Art (Kolkata), 1996, 1997
  • ATUL BOSE’S Awards from Academy of Fine Art (All India Annual Exhibition), 1996
  • Certificate of merit from DOMAS ART GALLERY in Kolkata, 1998
  • All India Fine Art & Craft Society from Delhi College of Art in Delhi, 2003.
  • Special Awards from SOMOKAL ART GALLERY in Kolkata, 2005
  • Best Exhibit, the GOVERNOR Awards from Academy of Fine Art (All India Annual Exhibition), 2005
  • Viswa Bharati Scholarship from Viswa Bharati University (Santiniketan), 1998-2002
  • National Scholarship from H. R. of D Centre in Delhi, 1998 – 1999.
Workshop Attended: 
  • Viswa Bharati student and teacher workshop, 2002
  • Arty Colour workshop, 2003
  • “SAMHITA” The National level Seminar cum workshop (Delhi College of Art),
  • In Delhi, 2003, 2004.
  • Art Camp on 24th – 25th September, (Birla Institute for Visual&Performing Art),2004
  • Contemporary Artist workshop on 4th – 7th Feb, 2006 (kolkata).
  • Art workshop in Mussoorie from sept.15-21, 2008(qureted by Nanak Ganguli)
  • ( vii) Art Workshop in 2009 at Suruchi art gallery ,Delhi(Noida).
Educational Qualification:
  • B.F.A. Painting from Kala Bhavana, Viswa Bharati University (Santiniketan), First class, 2003.
  • M.F.A. Painting from Kala Bhavana, Viswa Bharati University (Santiniketan),First class, 2005.
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Untitled-3
Size: 13x10.5
Item Code: #SP15
Incarnation of Vishnu
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Incarnation of Vishnu
Size: 48x24 Inch
Item Code: #SP14
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Apple
Size: 72x30 Inch
Item Code: #SP13
Three Women
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Three Women
Size: 12x30 inch
Item Code: #SP12
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Saraswati
Size: 48x54 Inch
Item Code: #SP11
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Untitled-2
Size: 13x10.5 Inch
Item Code: #SP10
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Untitled-1
Size: 48x54 Inch
Item Code: #SP09
krishna lifting mount Govardhan-20
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: krishna lifting mount Govardhan-20
Item Code: #SP8
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Ardhonariswar
Item Code: #SP7
Vishma Pitamaha
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Vishma Pitamaha
Size: 36x36 inch
Item Code: #SP06
Kundalini Sakti
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Kundalini Sakti
Size: 19.5x25 inch
Item Code: #SP05
Chinnomasta -2
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Chinnomasta -2
Size: 19.5x30 inch
Item Code: #SP04
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