Paradigm of Expressions

Online edition of India’s National Newspaper Saturday, Apr 12, 2008

Spectrum of artistic expressions
Kunal Diwan

‘Journey’: Oil on canvas by Animesh Nandi

NEW DELHI : An exhibition of paintings and sculptures titled “Paradigm of Expressions” by various artistes is now on at Lalit Kala Akademi here.

The pantheon of artists whose works are on display include painters Bijon Chowdhary, Isha Mahammad, Shovin Bhattacharjee, Ajoy Kumar Ghose, Amit Singh Slathia, Animesh Nandi and Niren Sen Gupta and sculptors Mukul Panwar, Om Prakash Khare, Rajesh Kumar Sharma and Krishna Murari, to name a few.

Art critic and curator Debdutta Gupta says the exhibition showcases paintings and sculptures of artists belonging to different age groups and geographic locales, where some expressions refer to myths concerning the order-disorder-re-order incited by a conflict.

“In some other cases the lyric and dramatic literary modes are equally distinct along with the narrative ones. Where some artists lead us to the path of expressional enunciation through stylised representations, others take us closer to nature or even beyond perceptive points of recognition,” he adds.

The narrative sometimes is also a part of our folk art tradition. There is a language of this creativity, which is observed as “the pleasure of a mind engrossed in an image”. “The history of thought reveals, beneath the continuities, discontinuities, displacements and transformations.

Gradually the Indian artists have stepped out from the narrative mode and got themselves engrossed towards a more contemporary visual construct,” says Mr. Gupta. The exhibition comprises heterotopias, surrealism, tribal art forms, eco-feminism, abstract representations of landscapes in paintings and simultaneous co-existence and feel of form in sculptures that makes for a true paradigm of expressions.

The show is open for viewing up to this coming Monday.

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