Visual Synthesis

An Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings & Sculptures

Venue: Shridharani Gallery N-205, Triveni kala sangam 205,Tansen Marg
New Delhi.
September 11th to 20th, 11am to 7 pm Daily

Janus Art Gallery, celebrating 15 years of its journey of art, is pleased to present a contemporary coterie from Kolkata through an exhibition of exclusive paintings & sculptures at Shridharni Gallery,New Delhi.

Every idea, every thought is an entity in itself. Flowing freely from the brushes, they create a synthesis of visual forms. Encompassing multiple facets of daily life, these visuals create a diary, with pages submerged in social ethos, human psyche and stoic commentary. Art is a medium of expression of what we believe in…they are conduits of what we think and desire, and ‘Visual synthesis’ is proud to present them in never discovered realms of creative reasoning.

Seven exhibitors have experimented with genres over time and period….they have used various medias and have given shape and hues to their imagination. They have not only unleashed a documentary, of stunning and dynamic visual imagery captured in still frames of art and sculptures, but have also formed appealing narratives… both real and illusive.

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Bijon Choudhury
Jogen Choudhury
Suhas Roy
Sunil Das
Ajoy Kumar Ghosh
Niren Sengupta
Rabin Dutta
Joi Zharotia
Gopi Gojwani
Manoj Dutta
Ashoke Bhowmick
Arunesh Choudhury
Shrikant G. Poddar
Partho Dutta
Rajesh K. Sharma
Dolly Dutta
Sudip Chakraborty
K Muralidharan
Paritosh Sen
Pradip Das
Debabrata Sarkar
Tarun Maity
Suvajit Samanta
Prabir Bera
Faiyyaz Rashid Khan
Rajan Fulari
Satya Mothadaka

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