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Untitled 4
Artist : Prabir K. Bera
Title: Untitled 4
Size: 3.30 X 40 inch
Untitled 3
Artist : Prabir K. Bera
Title: Untitled 3
Size: 2.30 X 40 inch
city 5
Artist : Prabir k. Bera
Title: city 5
Size: 18x26 inch
Pay of vibration
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: Pay of vibration
Size: 48x48 inch
The Creator
Artist : Sanjoy Patra
Title: The Creator
Size: 36x36 inch
Artist : Saumen Khamrui
Title: Untitled-4
Size: 13.5x18.5 inch
Artist : Sovin Bhattacherjee
Title: Glass-eye-view
Size: 60X60 inch
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