About Us

Janus Art Gallery is one of the most active and dynamic art houses located in Kolkata displaying contemporary Indian Paintings. Since its inception in 1998, it has been earnestly collecting and promoting art and soon carved a niche for itself. Focused on the art of Bengal, Janus Art Gallery has an on-growing collection of works by Indian artists with commendable heritage value, renowned modern artists, and young contemporaries with a promising future. Consequently, the collection has grown not only in number but more significantly in quality and variety. Hence, along with a substantial collection of Old Masters, Janus is also committed to searching for young talented Indian artists, promoting them in the art field, and bringing them the recognition they deserve. This approach led Janus to discover less known gifted artists with great potential to make a mark in the art scenario.

Janus Art Gallery’s relentless search for such artists has not only made its own collection valuable but also has drawn the attention of the critical viewers and the art-loving public of the city at large. As an essential part of the process, Janus also organizes exhibitions all over the country. It is worth mentioning that Janus participated in Delhi Art Summit 2008, Art expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 2009 and sent paintings of upcoming artists to Larasati Auction, Singapore in 2007, 2008 and also to 33 Auction, Singapore in 2011. Sri Kallol Bose, who heads Janus, can be credited with the realization and formation of a well-informed and well-researched foundation for a veritable art collection and promotion in the Indian art scene, setting an example through sheer dedication, persistence, and professionalism.

Janus Art Gallery is one of the fastest-growing galleries dealing in art and connecting artists with people who love to see and own contemporary Indian Paintings. Janus offers the best and most beautiful selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photography at great price ranges. Since its inception, Janus Art Gallery has been a prime art exhibition space and is closely associated with developing contemporary Indian paintings and art.

Janus Art Gallery has played a significant role in this art industry providing a link between artists and art lovers, searching for new talent, and showcasing the best Indian artists in our exhibition program. Here artists will get the opportunity to exhibit their art selection and can communicate directly with various art lovers.

Janus Art Gallery has been one of the most renowned and prominent art galleries in Kolkata, exhibiting the best artwork of Indian artists. The art gallery surroundings have the taste of rich history and tradition concerning Indian art. Janus Art Gallery has always encouraged art and has given the right opportunity and exposure to several Indian artists over the years. Janus Art Gallery has hosted several exhibitions involving artists, painters, and sculptors.