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Amit Dey

Exhibition by Government College of Art and Craft Kolkata, 2008 & 2009.
Annual Exhibition Academy of Fine Arts, 2006, 2007-2011 ,2018 &2019.
Group Exhibition Academy of Fine Arts ,2007, 2008 &2012.
Annual Exhibition Birla Academy of Art and Culture 2010&2013,2022.
Annual Exhibition Annual All India Fine Arts and craft society ,New Delhi ,2010& 2011.
4th INFAC All India Exhibition of Art INFAC Kolkata at Karnataka ChitrakalaParisath Bangalore 2012.
Annual exhibition Indian society of Oriental art Kolkata, 2012.
Group exhibition Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai ,2019.
RamkinkarBaij Award from Government College of Art and Craft, 2009.
A.I.F.A.C.SAward from New Delhi for best sculpture ,2010.
AacharyaSalil Kumar ChaudhariAward from Indian Society of Oriental Art Kolkata, 2012.
Best sculpture award from Birla Academy of Art and Culture ,2013.
Certificate of merit from Academy of Fine Arts Kolkata, 2018.
Artist Statment 
I am born and brought up in Bardhaman. The city is a village centric city, so I am familiar with the environment of the place and its nature. Elements of my works are references of my surrounded areas and that has reflected repeatedly in a several moods. Subconsciously my mind can smell the soil and it can also feel the vibration of life here, the rise of a soul and its death to begin a new one. In addition to this, my conscious mind can feel the softest violence of the ruling nature of environment, the deprivation of the proletariat. Apparently, the village is very beautiful more than the description of the poet Jibananda Das had describe in his poem “BANGLAR MUKH AMI DEKHIYACHI” about Bengal. Though the cultural, political, socio-economic situation of the present rural society is completely different from that days. At the moment of time socio-political conditions are so threatened for the common people and it can perceive an atmosphere of tension and terror. My work or my piece of work is the collage of a few short stories in fragments of these situations. I try to tell the whole story through my work which expresses the socio-political, socio-economic situations of the present society and co-relation human body with the nature through using vegetables, several fruits from the farming lands in a very sculpting mood.
Participated in CIMA award show 2022.
Participated in annual examination Lalit Kala Academy 2022.

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