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Suroj Garai

M.F.A (2019-2021) in the Design Department(Ceramic& Glass),Kala Bhavana,Visva Bharati University.
2023, participated at 49th Khajuraho international art festival for raku firing demonstration and art mart exhibition, Madhya Pradesh, India.
2023, Participated at 8th young Santiniketan Artist exhibition in SSVAD, Santiniketan, Bolpur, West Bengal.
2022, Engagement as Ceramic Artist for conducting 10 days ceramic and terracotta workshop at Ummed International School with 300 students, Abu Road, Rajasthan.
2022, Engagement as Ceramic Artist for conducting 15 days ceramic and terracotta workshop at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul school and junior college with 500+ students, Pandharpur,Pune, Maharashtra.
2022,Participated a group exhibition of ceramic art in Saawan expo,Ranchi club,Ranchi,Jharkhand.
2022, Participated as a Master Trainer to provide 10 days wheel pottery training
At Bharat Sebashram Sangha , Khatra, Bankura, West Bengal organised by Khadi & Village Industries commission Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India.
2022,Engagement as a Instructor on a Raku Ceramic Workshop organised by Voice of Art Studio Residency at Arvil Park, Bidhannagar, Durgapur, West Bengal.
2021,Participated at Kochi Muziris Biennale, 4th edition in a Drawing Book Project.
2021, Participated at Online Ceramic exhibition, organised by Indian Ceramic Art Foundation.
2021, Participated at Ami art festival & exhibition organised by Kolkata Center for creativity.
2020, Participated at EZCC ceramic pottery workshop affiliated by Ministry of Cultural Department in India, HASA studio, Santiniketan.
2019,Participated at Glass blowing workshop in Kala Bhavana
2019, Group exhibition of Kala Bhavana at Academy of Fine Art in Kolkata.
2018, Crystal and Raku Ceramic Firing workshop in Kala Bhavana .
2018,Participated at a group exhibition organised by Canvas Ankan Sikkha Kendra” in Bankura.
2017, Participation in a group exhibition organised by Bankura Kalamela Committee from Bankura.
2017, Participated at Glass blowing workshop in Kala Bhavana.
2016, Participated at Camel Art Foundation Annual Exhibition.
Artist Statement
The life we live as living creatures and every other creature around us originates from the soil disappears into the soil and transformed into new form. The excavation introduces us to the emergences of archaeological sites, where the carcasses of the created environment are revealed. In that way, even the matter of art is greatly associated with every day’s activity. My area of concern is to evolve the form of clay and provoking the emotion of landscapes and also trying to address the physicality of ceramic.
The inspiration I acquired is form my surrounding landscapes of my home town Bankura, which triggered the core work process as a ceramic art practitioner. Since my practice is deeply rooted to the memory of a place, how changes occur and evolve as time passes by interdependent on various factors. The phenomenon of ‘change’ is a continuous process which will continue to take place as long as the world exists while tracing the astounding existence of heritage.
I am not trying to reflect on the entire process of transformation, neither am I reflecting any political context of the land But, what holds my attention is that these traditional landscapes give an opportunity to imagine what is constantly moving towards urbanization.

Art Works