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Maniklal Bandopadhyay

He Was A Student Of Government School Of Art And Craft Where Mukul Dey Was Principal At That Time.He Was The Direct Student Of Satyendranath Bandopadhyay( 1937)
Exhibitions Maniklal Bandopadhyay was very much expert on water colour,tempera specially on silk.He was also the teacher Govt. Art college- 1939 and head of the department of Indian painting. Purnachandra Chakraborty-born in 1903 at Faridpur.He was admitted in Govt,Art school- Kolkata in 1921 when ParcyBrown was principal.Famous painter J. P.ganguly was his guide.He was very much expert on water colour with his own style.Ramayan, Mahabharat , history was his subject.he did so many works on life of Buddha,Krishna,..He was the founder of Shilpi Chakra” Satish Chandra Laha—(1911-69 ) he was born in kolkata.Bhabani Charan laha was his brother in relation.He had learnt from B.C, Laha.He received Ranendra mohon thakur award from Kolkata University for his painting. Sudhirnath Munsi— Student of Kolkata govt.Art school. He was contemporary of Ramendra nath chakraborty. He was attracted in Indian style painting specially in water colour, gouache and tempera.

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