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Hansa Milan Kumar

2003: Graduation (B.Com) from BarktullahUnivercity, Bhopal (M.P.)
2005: Post-Graduation (M.Com) from BarktullahUnivercity, Bhopal (M.P.)
2009: PGDBA from Symbiosis , Pune Maharashtra.
2019: Kalabdhi National Award by Winspire association.
2018: Kalanand Art Contest, Prafulla Dahanukar M.P.State Award.
2016: Got Junior fellowship in the field of visual art (Painting) by Government HRD.
2015: M.P. State Award in the name of S.H.Raza
2024: Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, All India Art Competition and Exhibition, 5th edition (Government of Telangana)
2021: Chitramayee, State Gallery Of Art, Yat & C(TourismDepartment, Government of Telangana.
I am freelance artist, based in Bhopal. In my opines that abstract work represents my nature and personality. My art philosophy stems from silence within. It is not the silence of being alone, but the peace that is found deep down in the soul amidst routine sounds and noise. My strongest source of inspiration is Nature which I sees, observes, feels and experiences. The space and time in this universe are made of innumerable layers that are working silently and peacefully which is beyond human comprehension. It is this silence which I try to relate and connect personally and artistically.

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