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Stuti Laha

About Stuti Laha
Stuti Laha, an artist from Kolkata, West Bengal, graduated from The Government College of Art and Craft in 1993, specializing in the Indian Style of painting. While studying various indigenous forms of painting like Miniature, Fresco, and Rajasthani styles, she became enamored with the Bengal Style of 'Wash painting.'
In this style, she uses fine cotton cloth instead of silk, adhered to a wooden surface, and applies transparent watercolors in layers, washing them with semi-transparent colors to bring out a unique glow. Her inspiration comes from the serene beauty of her ancestral property in Chandanagar, Nadia, where she paints natural landscapes and the daily life of tribal women.
Her art captures fleeting yet extraordinary moments often overlooked, and she envisions tribal women as embodiments of feminine power, specifically depicting Durga playing with her son, Ganesh. Despite the challenges of wash-painting, Stuti finds bliss in its beauty and the lasting presence it evokes, akin to Indian Ragas

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